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Quality Liquid Fertilizer Products​

Twin State provides a full line of liquid fertilizer products for Midwest retail dealer suppliers and their farmer customers. We efficiently cover the upper Midwest with distribution from our three wholesale production locations. We are committed to serving you throughout the year with timely delivery of products and competitive pricing. 

Our initial conversation is typically enough for us to

  1. Gather enough information about your operation to determine which products are needed and from which location, then,
  2. Direct you to a trusted distribution channel. 

In other words, we value your time so we’ll help you navigate the wholesale fertilizer supplier market. Call us to quickly weed through it all and get straight to your needs!

A combine feeding harvested corn to a seed truck.

Quality Sales Service

We are experienced leaders in fluid fertilizers manufacturing and distribution. We manufacture and market a complete line of liquid fertilizers, including suspensions, all NPK and 10-34-0 starters and minor elements (sulfur, zinc, boron, etc.). In addition, we market 32% nitrogen solution with three terminals and access to others on the river.

We didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

or corn planter in this case

Our product lines include


Low Salt Starter Fertilizer

Conventional Starter Fertilizers

Suspension Grade Fertilizers

Liquid Sulfur Product Fertilizer

Nitrogen-Based Fertilizer Solutions

A green tractor pulling a fertilizer tank on a field.

Liquid Fertilizer vs Dry (Solid) Fertilizer

Starting out as two brothers on a mission to better manufacture clear liquid fertilizers, Twin State, Inc. is now the biggest U.S. advocate for liquid fertilizers. Here’s why.

Nutrient Combining

A feat nearly impossible for their dry counterparts, liquid fertilizer can combine specific nutrients needed for diversified row crops. Save time and labor costs by combining nutrients and reducing the number of application trips.

Uniform Composition

Each drop of liquid fertilizer contains the exact same amount and ratio of crop nutrients for the intended plant.

Superior Placement

Your cropping systems are ever-changing and liquid fertilizer allows for maximum application flexibility and use for the growing plant. Some call this being “spoon-fed” and that’s a good thing (in this case, anyway)!

Absorption Efficiency

Liquid fertilizer is better absorbed into the plant.


Liquid fertilizers can also adapt to the size of your field.

Reduced Cost

Reduced material handling and application costs.

Manufacturing & Supply

Proven Track Record

Incorporated in 1958, we operate as a privately held Iowa corporation. We have three major manufacturing facilities:

We are constantly evaluating our manufacturing processes in a consistent manner to bring you an affordable and effective product. If your goal is to have strong ROI year in and year out, we are the liquid fertilizer manufacturer for you.

Our distribution system has evolved whereby nitrogen solutions and concentrated solutions of phosphate, potash, and sulfur are shipped to more than 100 independent and cooperative dealer locations for further mixing to meet the growers’ needs. All of these products travel to the market under the trademark Liqui-Grow.

The Agronology Research Center regularly publishes research bulletins to provide farmers with relevant data to select the right fertilizer, at the right rate, in the right place, and at the right time. These reports can be utilized to make informed decisions about your fertility needs and help increase your profitability per acre.

Keep in mind that, you also have us as your trusted wholesale fertilizer supplier partners. To learn more about our product line, contact one of our Twin State sales representatives.


speedy delivery

Twin State Advantage

We believe in face-to-face business with a firm handshake. We build relationships and still remember our first customer to this day. We started in our basement in Bettendorf, IA and watered our own soil until we found a way to help you. To give you a little background, Twin State was always interested in research and looking for ways to enhance the performance of our fertilizers to the benefit of the farmer. Below is a shortened timeline of the education and resourcing we took on in the early days to ensure your needs would be sufficiently met for years to come.
A combine feeding harvested corn to a seed truck.

For a complete history, click here.

Red tractor pulling a sprayer which is depositing liquid chemical fertilizer on harvested ground.
Our Twin State team of professionals works daily to provide farmers with the best fertilizers and services. Our network of Liqui-Grow dealers provides these valuable products and services to farmers in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Year after year, we strive to maximize the profitability of farmers’ crops while listening to our customers’ needs. Our commitment to you is the timely delivery of products and competitive pricing.

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