Liquid Sulfur Fertilizers

Why Use Sulfer Liquid Fertilizers?

Sulfur is an essential nutrient for plant uptake and growth so it stands to reason that using liquid sulfur fertilizers is a wise choice for your crops. Where liquid sulfur fertilizer dominates over dry is placement. Since your cropping systems are always changing, liquid fertilizer allows for maximum application flexibility and use for the growing plant. Some call this being “spoon-fed” or “spoon-feeding sulfur” and that’s a good thing (in this case, anyway)! More than half of a corn plant’s sulfur uptake occurs after VT/R1 according to Erik Tribelhorn, CEO of in CO. Its application can also be side dressed. 

Sulfur doesn’t typically act alone though when it comes to corn and soybeans. Nitrogen is its preferred counterpart and together they form Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS). This clear, liquid fertilizer contains nitrogen and sulfur (26%) with a 12-0-0-26S analysis and is gaining widespread popularity in the U.S. but especially in central Illinois. This multitasker is able to convert sulfur to sulfate at a nice, slow pace. Sulfur (S) is a secondary macronutrient with a vital role to aid in protein synthesis and nitrogen (N) efficiency. 

Sulfur should be viewed as a primary nutrient and applied directly in an annual fertility program. Both Corn and Soybeans have a need for Sulfur to achieve high yields. Depending on a growers program, sulfur can be added in multiple application steps. Soil mineralization is another key source of sulfur for plant nutrition. Soils with good structure, hydrology, and organic matter percentages mineralize good amounts of sulfur. In the top 6” of soil, probably 4 pounds on average of sulfur is mineralized for each organic matter percentage. 

Because ATS is made up of 26% sulfur, which consists of 50% elemental sulfur (immobile) and 50% sulfate sulfur (mobile), the combo is a great choice during seasons with heavy rainfall. Where sulfate alone would travel too far from the rooting zone, elemental sulfur stays put.

Quality Nutrients

Elevate your yields

We distribute a high-quality liquid sulfur fertilizer that can elevate your yields to the next level of crop production. 

Corn rows.
Tractor spraying liquid fertilizer on a field in the fall.

KTS® (0-0-25-17S) Potassium Thiosulfate​

KTS is a clear, chloride-free solution that features the highest liquid potassium and sulfur content available on the market. It boosts crop quality, has active thiosulfate benefits, and increased potassium uptake by at least 30%.

*With recommended placement and application rates.

Crop Quality

  • Encourages uniform growth
  • Increases the production of protein and its quality
  • Enhances crop resistance to environmental stress
  • Assists the translocation of sugar and starch

Active Thiosulfate Benefits

  • Increase chlorophyll content
  • Assist the synthesis and functioning of enzymes and vitamins in the plant
  • Optimizes fertilizer efficiency
  • Improves availability of nutrients in the soil, particularly phosphorus and micronutrients

Nutrient uptake

K uptake is at least 30% more efficient compared with conventional K-fertilizers
Provides potassium and sulfur, which are essential for all crops

Data from: Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. (TKI)

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