Using fluid starter fertilizers is an investment in your corn crop’s fertilizer program that has proven to result in higher yields, lower grain moisture at harvest, and healthier plants. These benefits will result in higher profitability for producers on their corn acres. Since it requires an investment in equipment to apply, Twin State, Inc. is offering to help eligible growers with a portion of the additional equipment costs needed to apply liquid starter with their planters.

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Growers who purchase new equipment attachments or system components to handle and apply qualifying fluid starter materials.

The grower must use and purchase a minimum of 3,500 gallons (or 20 tons) of qualifying fluid starter product on an annual basis.

Sign-up must be completed using the form above by March 15th of year one of the cost-share agreement with receipts of the equipment purchased. Following planting, growers will need to submit copies of invoices of eligible fluid starter product(s) purchased to Twin State, Inc by July 1st.

Original invoicing or legible copies showing payment with detailed descriptions of items such as pumps, seed firmers, controllers, manifolds, planter tanks, or plumbing required for the application of seed-applied low salt starters. On farm build storage tanks for liquid not eligible. Invoicing or legible copies showing delivery and payment of eligible Liqui-Grow products each year of the three years that a grow is eligible for payment (prepay invoicing alone is not sufficient).

Low salt Liqui-Grow Seed Safe 6-24-6-.25(Zn), 8-19-3, 9-18-9 Green, or 5-23-.25(Zn).

$60 per ton could be reimbursed to the grower over three years at $20 per ton each year (grower must purchase and provide receipts for qualifying starter product(s) each crop year).

Product may be purchased from any wholesale dealer customer of Twin State, Inc. or any Liqui-Grow retail location. Please contact us to inquire where product may be available to purchase or to verify whether your dealer qualifies.


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